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Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Human/Plant Communication
Center for Tactical Magic


Vital Psigns:

The Center for Tactical Magic's Vital Psigns is a social experiment that seeks to address individual mind power and the potential for human/plant communication. The Vital Psigns installation includes three plants (positive, negative, and control) receiving equal soil, water, and light. Visitors are invited to take a few moments to relax in the presence of the plants and attempt to affect their growth using their mental energies. The cumulative effect on the plants over the course of the experiment is assessed at the close of the exhibition. Additionally, the CTM presents a performance lecture exploring the magic and mystery of human/plant communication. Ranging from Moses' consultation with a burning bush to the Pentagon's recent development of "sentinel plants," the CTM provides a brief history of plants as purveyors of knowledge. Audience members also participate in a live demonstration of extra-sensory perception mediated through the cooperation of living plants. For more info:


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